GM Parts for Ruger® Pistols

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Power Custom

GM Titanium or A-2 Tool Steel Firing Pin for Ruger® Pistols

Replaces your factory firing pin with a lighter Titanium firing pin with an improved impact point. This allows for faster lock time, less chance of...

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Power Custom

Titanium Extractor or A-2 Tool Steel

Advanced extractor redesigned to be hard, sharp, & strong where it needs to be which allows for more positive extraction. Extractor Also Fits all...

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Ultimate Cliploader

Holds 50 Rounds and can load a 10 round clip in a little as 3 Seconds! For Ruge Mark II™, Mark III™'s, 22/45™, Browning Buckmark Pistols.


Power Custom

Weaver Style Scope Base for Ruger® pistols

Fits factory drilled and tapped pistols. Contoured to fit flush with the receiver. Features cross slots for multiple positioning of your scope rings....

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