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Delrin Hammer Tip

Delrin hammer tip replacement for PSDB1 hammers, includes rubber o-ring. Delrin is a type of machinable nylon that is softer than brass for a great...


Elevation/Pusher Tool

Replacement elevation tool for the AKFST-GS, can also be purchased as an independent elevation tool.


Extractor Rod & Yoke Alignment Tool

Quickly straighten and tests yoke alignment on S&W K,L,N & Ruger "Six"Series. Increases smooth operation of your revolver. The Extractor Rod & Yoke...


Extractor Rod Wrench Remover

East to use tool enables fast removal and reinstallation of screw-in extractor rods from double action revolvers without damage to rod or cylinder...


Hammer & Sear Block

Allows for exact examination of the sear & hammer engagement surfaces. Each base also includes a hole for easy disassembly.

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Hammer slug

Dead-blow slug replacement for PSDB1 hammers. Features. Solid steel slug. CNC machined. MADE IN USA by Magna-Matic Defense


M1A/Garand Action Wrench Head insert

M1A/Garand Action Wrench Insert. Works with the Power Custom Action Wrench Handles to Remove the Barrel on your M1A/Garand. Also, works on our new...


M1A/Garand Barrel Wrench Insert

1.100" Barrel Wrench insert that works with the Power Custom Action Wrench Handle to aid in removing your barrel on the M1a/Garand models. Also,...


Power Custom Action/Barrel Vise

Power Custom Action/Barrel vise. Fully CNC'd from Bullet Steel. Bolt to your work bench in Minutes. Allows for all the Power Custom Action/Barrel...


Power Rail Side Clamp

Tightens the slide on your 1911 Auto or any slide for better accuracy. Stops are provided so, you do not overtighten your slide. Use a 6" vise to use...


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