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CRT-25 Carbon Removal Tool for AR-10 Rifle Platform

Carbon removal tool for AR10 & SR-25 rilfe platforms, designed to remove carbon from the bolt tail, and bolt carrier. The CRT-25 is simply an...


Delrin Hammer Tip

Delrin hammer tip replacement for PSDB1 hammers, includes rubber o-ring. Delrin is a type of machinable nylon that is softer than brass for a great...


Elevation/Pusher Tool

Replacement elevation tool for the AKFST-GS, can also be purchased as an independent elevation tool.


Extractor Adjusting Tool

If you have ever struggled with bending an extractor to get just the exact tension, this tool is for you. Extractor tension is very critical on a...


Extractor Rod & Yoke Alignment Tool

Quickly straighten and tests yoke alignment on S&W K,L,N & Ruger "Six"Series. Increases smooth operation of your revolver. The Extractor Rod & Yoke...


Hammer & Sear Block

Allows for exact examination of the sear & hammer engagement surfaces. Each base also includes a hole for easy disassembly.

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Hammer slug

Dead-blow slug replacement for PSDB1 hammers. Features. Solid steel slug. CNC machined. MADE IN USA by Magna-Matic Defense


M1A/Garand Action Wrench Head insert

M1A/Garand Action Wrench Insert. Works with the Power Custom Action Wrench Handles to Remove the Barrel on your M1A/Garand. Also, works on our new...


M1A/Garand Barrel Wrench Insert

1.100" Barrel Wrench insert that works with the Power Custom Action Wrench Handle to aid in removing your barrel on the M1a/Garand models. Also,...


Power Custom Action/Barrel Vise

Power Custom Action/Barrel vise. Fully CNC'd from Bullet Steel. Bolt to your work bench in Minutes. Allows for all the Power Custom Action/Barrel...


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