Gunsmith Tools

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Trigger Guard Rivet Drilling Jig

Here is a tool that I made up about a year ago for drilling out the trigger guard rivets. This block clamps to your trigger guard and allows you to...


Trigger Guard Squaring Tool

Squares the 1911 Auto Trigger guard for a nice custom look. Just heat up the trigger guard and square it very easy.


Universal Wrench Handle

Extra Heavy-duty, high-leverage, wrench handle which features a large, steel clamping plate for use with Power Custom frame and barrel blocks. A must...


Winchester Model 70 Action Wrench Insert

Winchester Action Wrench Insert. Works with the Power Custom Action Wrench Handles to Remove the Barrel on your M1A/Garand. Also, works on our new...


Winchester Model 70 Barrel Insert

Winchester 70 Barrel insert that works with the Power Custom Action Wrench Handle to aid in removing your barrel on the M1a/Garand models. Also,...


Yoke Facing Reamer

Once the yoke is square its easy to eliminate excessive yoke play by using the Power Yoke Bearings. Reamer fits the yoke I.D on S&W K, L, & N frames,...


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