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5.56 Nato Headspace Go Gauge

5.56 Nato Headspace Go Gauge.


5.56 Nato Headspace No-go Gauge

5.56 Nato Headspace No-Go Gauge


AR-10 .308 Steel CNC Ext. Charging handle w/ paddel Latch

Fully Cnc'd from Billet Steel. Power Custom charging handles are a tactical upgrade to the AR-10 (.308 rifles) platform. The all steel body will not...


AR-15 ACCU-Wedge

By Z-M Performance Systems The ACCU - Wedge is one of those essential parts of an AR-15 which, unfortunately, didn't come pre-installed. This...


AR-15 Competition Paddle Latch only

Giant Paddle latch for your AR-15/M16. Fully CNC'd from Billed Steel and not cast. Makes charging your handle much easier. Drops right in. Made in...


AR-15 Hammer, Trigger and Disconnector Shims

Includes 10 shims for the Small pin Hammer, Trigger, and Disconnectors. Install to help eliminate side to side play on the Hammer, Trigger, and...


AR-15 Magazine Cover

Fits .223. See-thru, clear, rubber cover slips on mag. Keeps ammo dry and dust free. Also protects mag feed lips. Easily slips on and off magazine....


AR-15 Rear Sight

This is the most improved AR15 rear sight for use with todays holographic and red dot sighting systems. Tactical training professionals developed...


AR-15 Recoil Buffer

The AR-15 Recoil Buffer will reduce recoil impulse and prolong the service life of your firearm. This is accomplished by stopping the bolt from...


AR-15 Steel Charging Handle with Paddle Latch

Fully CNC'd and Made in the USA. Made from Bar Stock Steel. ECharging Handle and Extended Charging Handle Paddle fully CNC'd. Black Phosphate Finish....


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AR-15/M-16 Extended Mag Release
AR-15/M-16 Extended Mag Release
$16.99  $11.99
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