Scope Mounts and Rings

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Taurus Scope Mount Weaver style .454 Raging Bull Smaller Radius

Taurus Revolver Scope Mount WEIG-A-TINNY® Style fits Weaver and Picatinny Retrofits medium and large frame Taurus revolvers with factory adjustable...

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Taurus Tracker .17 and .22 Scope Mount Weaver style

Fits .17 and .22 Caliber Taurus Tracker Revolver. Taurus Tracker .17 and .22 Scope Mount Weaver style. Now a rock solid mount that does not depend on...


Weigand Magnum 1" Scope Rings

All of our Scope rings are considered MEDIUM height. Our scope rings are Weaver style and will fit any Weaver style mount over .850 wide at the...

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