Grandmaseter® Machined Receiver


In response to customer demand for a high quality target grade precision machined replacement receiver for building a custom 10/22® rifle at an affordable price, serious target shooters, varmit shooters, as well as plinkers can enjoy the advantages of a machined receiver that can be built into whatever level of precision is required. Our Grandmaster replacement receiver is loaded with the features that easily separate it from a factory receiver while still being able to use factory parts to complete it. Ruger® & 10/22® Are Registered Trademarks of Sturm Ruger®.


The Grandmaster Replacement 10/22® Receiver starts as a 1 1/2 pound solid billet of aircraft aluminim. Extensive CNC machining converts the solid block into a 6.4 ounce precision receiver that does not have the rougher surface finish and casting imperfections that a cast receiver would frequently include. All dimentions of the receiver are held to close tolerances for reliable consistency.


Target shooters have always known that the correct way to clean a rifle is from the chamber and out the muzzle rather than pushing all the dirt from the barrel into the receiver and potentially damaging the barrel crown with the cleaning rod. Our receivers have a 1/4" hole in the rear of the receiver that allows you to put a cleaning rod in the rear of the receiver, then attach the brush and swab the barrel from the chamber to the muzzle without having to remove the barrel (and loose your zero each time). The cleaning access hole is cosmetically covered with a snap in and out plug that blends with the rear of the receiver when installed and that is completely hidden when the receiver is in the stock.

3. Anodized in Silver.

The receiver is matte finished for durability and appearance and is professionally anodized. Anodizing is not a paint or a spray on finish, its a molecular change in the surface of the aluminum that forms crystals (like diamonds) on the outside of the material. Its the same finish that space and defence contractors and the military require on their parts.

4. This has the Rear Tang for holding down the rear of the action in your stock for better accuracy. The Tang is removable if you do not want to inlet your stock...

Aluminum 6061. We can only ship to FFL Holders.

We only have Silver ones left on these.. These will be discontinued once were out and we will only be manufacturing the Grandmaster Action with the machined base on top..

Thanks, Randall Power

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  • Model: GM Flat Top Receiver
  • Manufactured by: Power Custom

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