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Keith # 5 Grip Frames $289.95.

Dear Customers,


Things you should know about the Ron Power designed Keith #5 grip frames.

The #5 back strap is made from 4140 (not stainless steel) solid bar stock, CNC and EDM machined. Machine tool finish in the white. We only make one #5 back strap. The back strap can be fitted to all models of Ruger® single action revolver frames (except the Bearcat®). The factory screw hole spacing is all the same on both Old Model (O.M.) (3 screw) Rugers® and the New Model (N.M.) including the Single-Six® size and up which includes Blackhawk®, Super Blackhawk®, Vaquero, New Vaquero, Bisleys™ and Anniversary models & etc.

The main difference in the factory frame size that effects the fitting of the grip frame is height of the rear of revolver frame. As Ruger® upgraded the New Model frames after the prefix 56-xxxxx by raising the height of the rear of the frame so they could use the same frame size for both the standard Blackhawk® and higher Bisley™ Grip frames. The prefix 57-xxxxx series had two different heights. We know of at least 5 different heights from the Old (3 screw)Models to the current manufactured Rugers®.

The backstraps will be about .040 inch higher then the height of the rear of the revolver frame. We made the #5 backstrap height enough that it can be fitted to all models. This means that the top of the #5 backstrap has to be contoured lower so it will match the height of the rear of the frame. It is better to do this then to try to build up (weld) the height of rear of the revolver frame to match the top of the #5 backstrap. It makes a nice professional job to change the top angle and rear flanges of the revolver frame to match the top line of the #5 backstrap.

To allow for fitting the sides of the grip frame to the factory revolver frame. The Grip frame is approximately .030 inch wider then the frame. This means that if the factory screw holes are in the proper place, the grip frame should be about .015 inch wider on each side of frame. The factory frame is tapered . That means it is wider at the rear and tapered narrow towards the front. Is is important that when fitting the sides of the grip frames that you keep that same taper on the grip frame, if you don't, you may get into the relief for the mounting screws. That can be a serious mistake. In other words, fit and finish the sides of grip frame flush with the sides while keeping the same taper as the revolver frame.

The #5 backstrap is compatible to all our front straps. This means that if you have a O.M. Ruger® you will need a #5 backstrap with a 4140 steel O.M. front strap(trigger guard). We make two 4140 steel front straps for the O.M. s. One is for the narrow factory standard Blackhawk® style trigger and the other is machined for the wider O.M. Super Blackhawk® style trigger. We make both types of triggers. For N.M. Rugers®, You will need the #5 back strap with a 4140 N.M.steel front strap.

Most customers that have the O.M. Rugers® prefer the Keith#5 back strap/ and trigger guard for the wide O.M. Super Blackhawk® trigger and our O.M. Bisley™ hammer.

Those with N.M. Rugers® prefer to use our half cock Bisley™ hammer/trigger kits and free spin pawls. This N.M. Bisley™ hammer has a smaller hump than our O.M. Bisley™ hammer that has the same size hump as Ruger factory Bisley™ hammers. It was designed for installing in a Blackhawk®/Vaquero. It works well with the N.M. #5s, it just has a small gap at the rear. Our grip frame assemblies are compatible with the factory triggers and hammers, Blackhawk® or Bisley™.

The #5 backstrap is supplied with 1 groved pin that supports the N.M. trigger spring legs (this support pin is not used on O.M.s), 2 (6-40x.375) socket head mounting screws, one long arm ball allen key (5/64s). With this small ball end allen key, you only use the ball end to get the screws started and screwed in just finger tight. In other words, don�??t use the ball end to tighten the screw the last amount of torque or you can break the ball end off in the socket. The last amount of torque should be applied with the short end of the allen wrench to just snug or approximately 10 to 15 inch lbs. The #5 backstrap is designed with a adjustable hammer over cock stop screw (6-40x1/4inch socket set screw) supplied with 1/16th allen wrench.

The front strap is supplied with the 3/32 inch diameter trigger spring support pin, 1/8 inch butt pin, and the 8-40 flat head screw to attach to backstrap. All #5 backstraps require the Bowen style mainspring mount system mounted on the front strap. All our front straps use this design and require Ruger® hammer strut Part#XRO1500
Check with us for other special custom parts that compliment Ruger® and Colt Single Actions. Like the following--- 3 different sizes of free spin pawls for N.M., over size O.M. pawls, oversize cylinder latches (stops) for O.M. & N.M.s, Colt style grip frames for Rugers® in stainless, 4140 steel and brass for both O.M. & N.M.s. , 6 different models of hammers and triggers, Shims & Endshake bearings, Colt SA factory replacement triggers, oversize Pawl , drilling fixture to convert CSA and Clones to Ruger® type Pawl spring and plunger. For professional gunsmith tools & fixtures, Call us for more information.

Thank You;
Ron Power

Also, we will not charge anyone until they are ready to ship.

Please post in the comments section which front strap you would like if you order the grip frame on line.


Randall Power

Ph# 1-573-372-5684,

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