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Power Series I Universal Stoning Fixture


I can not tell you how many shooters ask how I get 7LB revolver triggers or 3.5 to 4LB autos. You can not do it with out Ron's Stoning Fixture.It is precise and repeatable every time and only take a few seconds to make any needed adjustments. I was even able to convert 2 S&W 3rd Gen. triggers too single action and got the angles right the first time. Even a novice can understand how it works after reading the instructions as long as you know the angle you need. You cannot do a precise trigger job without it. As with all the tools I use, to fix it right you need the right one, for the money invested you will save $ by doing it the right way the first time.
Date Added: 06/07/2011 by Chris O'Keeffe
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