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PC Single Action Half Cock Hammer & Trigger Kits for Ruger® SA


So I ordered the trigger and hammer combo for my Ruger Vaquero, 45 LC. Now my Vaquero is an older model built on the same frame as the Blackhawk. It isn't a 3 screw model as it was manufactured in the early 90's--the engraving reads "Ruger Vaquero" only and NOT "Ruger New Vaquero."
So for the review. . . The kit is awesome, and surprisingly, required no modification to my gun, the transfer bar or kit.
I simply removed the grips, cocked the pistol and used a bent paper clip to lock the hammer spring down. Then I removed the two screws on the back of the strap, then the three on the bottom of the frame. I removed the frame, saving the two pins and springs inserted into the frame. I then removed the hammer pin and the pin holding the trigger assembly together. I slid these componants out sliding the new ones in their place with a bit of grease. I did NOT change out the hammer and trigger spring as I installed a light set for quick draw, and I would like to stick with those.
I put the frame bact together and tried the action. It was REAL stick at first. After like 6 cock and release cycles, it is as smooth as a baby's butt.
I am so pleased with this product. In all I spent 20 minutes putting the parts in. Trust me it took longer to fetch the screw driver, grease and a rag than it did to install. I am buying another kit for my Blackhawk Bisley. I can't wait to go shoot those 300 grain beasts of reloads at 1300 fps this afternoon. THANKS Grand Masters for making me fall in love with my Vaquero all over again!
Date Added: 10/08/2010 by John Lyons
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