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Competition Trigger Kit (Ajustable or none adjustable)


This kit is easy to install, however I ordered the adjustable kit and the trigger didn't work in my poly trigger housing so I ended up drilling and taping my factory poly trigger. The only other complaint is the sear adjustment hole in the trigger that I didn't use wasn't tapped and there was no set screw. Other than that it is a very smooth easy pulling trigger that I cannot wait to get to the range and burn through a brick of ammo with.
On a side note I did read a post on a forum were someone else had the same issue and Grand Masters great customer service very quickly made it right, I like my poly trigger just fine so I moved forward. After all there is only a $2 difference between the two so I cannot complain. I will definitely be back for the rest of my firing group upgrades
Date Added: 03/20/2012 by JASON BARE
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