Q What parts work for the 10-22 Magunum?
A The Titanium Trigger, Titanium Extended Mag. Release, Titanium Extractor, Hammer & Sear Pack, and the Buffer Technologies Shock Buff.
Q Do you recommend using the 10-22 Competition Hammer in the 10-22 Magnum?
A No. We recommend using the 10-22 Hammer & Sear Pack in the 10-22 Mag. Due to the extreme pressures of the .22 Magnum, the Hammer alone would misfire.
Q What will the 10-22 Hammer & Sear Pack Reduce my trigger pull to?
A The Hammer & Sear pack combo will reduce your trigger pull to 2.75 LBS.
Q Is the 10-22 Hammer & Sear Pack made out of Titanium?
A No. They are made out of Carbon Steel and then Heat Treated to 56-58 RC.
Q Will the Titanium parts make my 10-22 cycle faster?
A Yes. When you combine the Titanium Firing Pin, Titanium Extended Bolt Handle, and the Titanium Extractor, Your Action will Cycle Faster. We also recommend using the Buffer Tech shock Buff.
Q What 10-22 after market Barrels do you recommend?
A Obviously, there are several Different Barrels on the Market. Almost all of the Barrel Manufactures produce very fine barrels. However, we do recommend using the Hogue Barrel. The logical reason for this is that they come with a test target and is guaranteed to shoot 1/2 at 50 yards. Plus, they are very economical for the guarantee.
Q Will Power Custom work on my 10-22?
A Yes. Power Custom will drop all of our parts in your rifle for $25.00. This includes Shipping & Handling. We will also drill and tap your barrel to accept our Weaver Style Action Base for an additional $25.00. Bascially, this is a service for using Power Custom products.
Q Is Power Custom listed on the AMEX or NYSE?
A No, but we do recommend investing in Technology Stocks. You should Dollar cost average on a monthly basis to decrease your risk. Plus, you should diversify your portfolio. Please do this at your own Risk.
Q When I call Power Custom will a person answer?
A Yes. Here at Power Custom a normal person will answer the phone. We do not use an answering machine.
Q Will Power Custom Glass Bed my 10-22 stock for me?
A No. We currently do not glass bed customers stocks.
Q Will you convert my Ruger 10-22 into a full Automatic?
A No. We do not particapate in illegal practices. We recommend not converting your Ruger 10-22 to full auto.
Q What is the difference between the Series I and Series II Stoning Fixtures?
A The Series I stoning Fixture is designed mostly for sear/trigger work. The Series II Stoning Fixture is Designed for stoning The inside angle of most Semi Automatic Hammers. Both Fixtures allow the gunsmith/hobbist to reduce the trigger pulls on various models of guns. Most serious gunsmiths need both the Series I and Series II Fixture to achieve the best possible trigger pull.
Q Where can I buy stones for the Series I and Series II Stoning Fixtures?
A www.brownells.com carries every kind of stone available for both the Series I and Series II Stoning Fixtures.
Q Which Stone is best for the Series I and Series II Stoning Fixtures?
A For the Series I Stoning Fixture we recommend using the Norton MF-46 Stone (6"X1/2"X1/2" Brownells stock # 657-246-146). Only 1 Stone is available for the Series II Stoning Fixture and it is the Series II India Stone (Brownell's Stock # 080-815-000).
Q What Scope Mount is best for my Ruger 10-22?
A We make a Barrel/Receiver mount and a Receiver mount for the 10-22. We recommend using the Barrel/Receiver mount. The reason behind this theory is you have 2 screws in the Barrel and 4 Screws in the receiver. This makes your scope mount very stable.
Q Do you sell high Capacity Magazines for the Ruger 10-22?
A No. You can try:
Frank's Center, Inc.
RR. 1 Box 45
Nevada, MO 64772
Ph# 1-417-667-9190
Q My Ruger 10-22 won't extract with my After market Barrel. What do I do?
A There are couple things you can do. You can buy a Titanium Sharp Claw Extractor. This should help eliminate your extraction problem. Next, you need to try several different types of ammo. If the Extractor Still doesn't work then you have an Extra Tight Chamber. We recommend sending the barrel back to the original manufacturer. They should either fix your problem or send you a new barrel. 
Q What's the best ammo for my Ruger 10-22?
A We recommend that you test several different kinds of ammo for your Rifle. Pick out the best functioning and shooting group for your particular rifle. We recommend sticking to your ammo that shoot the best in your rifle.


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