BJB AR-15 Recoil Buffer


Recoil buffers are an easy and inexpensive way to eliminate damage of critical components by preventing the metal to metal contact of the slide or breech block with the frame. Made from a high density polyurethane formulated for maximum shock-absorbing characteristics, the recoil buffer is a drop-in part.

The Blackjack Buffers Ball AR-15 Recoil Buffer will reduce recoil impulse and prolong the service life of your firearm. This is accomplished by stopping the bolt from directly contacting the receiver. This abrupt transfer of energy can affect zero on scoped rifles. The AR-15 Recoil Buffer is manufactured from an advanced polyurathane that will decelerate the bolt more gradually, reducing the felt recoil and allowing for quicker set-up for the next shot. Installation is a breeze. You can feel the difference the first time you shoot it.

Field tested in Afghanistan by US Army and Special Forces

-Quote from MSG Joseph Rhodes -

"I am up to 15 Basic Loads which is 3150 rounds and the green buffer that I have still looks new. The real problem I have is letting the M16 cool off so that I can run more rounds through it, the BJB doesn't give any argument. I tried to understand exactly what makes your buffer superior to the stock one and this is what I came up with:

The OEM AR-15 buffer is flat on the contact end that impacts in the recoil cycle and stops the AR buffer assembly abruptly. Blackjack takes a different approach and starts out with a softer buffer material, he also designed a superior impact/contact area. This revolutionary round design slows the velocity of the buffer assembly gradually. This translates to a noticeable reduction of impact of the entire buffer assembly, helping the shooter to return on target more quickly and while using burst or full auto, the Blackjack assembly makes the weapon more controllable. On a scale of one to ten, I would characterize the felt difference of the Blackjack AR buffer to the OEM buffer between three to five."

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  • Model: PC-ARB
  • Manufactured by: Power Custom

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