Encyclopedia of Modern Fireams


Over 1,600 Exploded View Photos, Blueprints, Sketches, Schematic Drawings, Cutaway Photos And Drawings.
By Bob Brownell, 1,066 Pages, 8-½x11 inches

Before the publication of The Encyclopedia late in 1959, absolutely no service manual encompassing all American-made guns was available for the gunsmith, dealer or hobbyist. What information was to be had, had to be dug out the hard way - and at best it was skimpy. As the guns covered in The Encylopedia get older, the information becomes even more valuable; what little other info was available has long since gone out of print, original manuals have been lost and today's gunsmith might have to pass up repair or restoration work on "Dad's favorite", without The Encylopedia. It answers hundreds (and thousands!) of questions and problems. As so many have told us after getting their copy: "It paid for itself the first day I owned it - just in time saved alone." Here's what you'll find in your Enyclopedia:

DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY TECHNICAL MANUALS - Especially released for The Encyclopedia, they cover base repair and maintenance for the '03 Springfield and later modifications; the 1911 pistol, Remington Models 10 and 11; Winchester Models 12 and 97; Stevens 520/620; Savage 720 and Ithaca 37. All with detailed illustrations and nomenclature lists.

NEW GUN INSTRUCTIONS that most manufacturers issue with each new gun, giving assembly and disassembly instructions, PLUS the extensive GUNSMITH MANUALS of Winchester, Remington and Browning up to the date of printing (late 1959).

UNUSUAL ILLUSTRATIONS from the files of the manufacturers showing the functioning of many of the guns. Most are no longer available, many were never publicly released.

ALL AVAILABLE PARTS ILLUSTRATIONS & LISTS - Many of these are either exploded view or schematic, showing where parts go and in what order they are assembled. "Our illustration is worth 10,000 words!"

ILLUSTRATIONS OF ALL NEW GUNS being manufactured in the U.S. as of Jan. 1, 1959, for which information is available . . . complete specifications given on each number and model.

DETAILED MEASUREMENTS IN CHART FORM of the thousands of pins, screws, and helical springs shown in all the parts lists. Only those of very unusual construction or function are not shown. This information available in printed form nowhere else in the world.

Each manufacturer is grouped alphabetically, starting with Department of Defense Technical Manuals, then Browning, Colt and so on. Each manufacturer is subdivided in the following order: 1. Illustrations and technical data. 2. Where available, illustrations which depict the working parts. 3. Manufacturer's new gun instruction literature. 4. Complete parts lists ('tho parts are now only available from specialty sources and prices aren't current). 5. Parts data pages giving specifications for pins, screws and springs.
If you've ever paid $15 to $35 for a single manual covering one model automobile or one series of technical equipment, you'll be amazed at the vast amount of material for so reasonable a price.

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