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PC Single Action Half Cock Hammer & Trigger Kits for Ruger® SA


I am extremely happy with the parts. The instructions were great and I also found a utube video of yours that helped. I poked along and took my time because this is the first revolver that I have worked on. It went really well. Two of the ratchets on the back of the cylinder needed filing (this really only amounted to removing the bluing from the surface, just a slight filing) and then I ended up taking a little bit off the second step of the pawl. Now every cylinder feels the same when when I pull back the hammer. Its like butter. I once again enjoyed having my Brownells screw driver set and some needle files. It was a fun project. I like the shape of this hammer much better than the factory Ruger hammer. I ended up using the 17lb spring it feels the best. Thank you for providing such top notch parts and instructions.
Date Added: 11/29/2020 by GERALD DAVIS
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